The Brilliant K9 Harness

Dog walking harness

After over 14 years as an NYC dog walker, I’ve seen many different types of harness. Some are simple and lightweight but feel flimsy and are easy to wriggle out of if not fitted perfectly, others are strong and secure but overly complex with too many straps and points of adjustment. Recently we’ve seen a few clients purchase the Brilliant K9 harness for their dogs, and in my opinion it’s probably the best harness we’ve used.

So what’s so good about the Brilliant K9? Well first of all it’s super-ergonomic! The straps are positioned in just the right places for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The front strap is high enough to allow full shoulder movement whilst still being below the throat, and the belly strap is situated in the belly area where your dog is more responsive to corrections. This makes it an excellent training harness, especially for puppies who still haven’t learned not to pull! As an added bonus, this is one of the easiest harnesses you’ll ever put on your dog. It’s almost like a stiff cape – you can get it over the head and clipped under the belly in one fluid motion. Great for dogs who give you a hard time when putting their harness on – it’s over their heads before they’ve even had a chance to start misbehaving.

For the record, we are not affiliated with Brilliant K9 nor do we have any relationship with them at all. This is nothing more than an organic harness recommendation from a time served dog walker!

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