Your Puppy Is In Safe Hands!

We’ll Get You Through Those First Few Weeks.

Introducing a new puppy into your home is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It’s so great to see them explore their new surroundings and form a bond with their new parents. But puppies are also a lot of work! They need so much care and attention in those first few weeks, but you still have to work, right? That’s where King Pup comes in. Our NYC puppy sitters can help get you through the period where your puppy is too young for outside walks but needs someone to stop by to feed them, clean up any accidents and work off some energy. Most of all, your puppy just needs some big old friendly hugs to reassure them that they haven’t been forgotten about. This is what we do!

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Book and pay for your visits online through our client portal. You’ll be able to view your schedule in your calendar and ensure that we have your puppy’s visits booked accurately.


Our NYC puppy sitters use GPS technology to check-in to your visit so you know for sure that they’ve been. You’ll also receive a daily photo of your happy pup!


King Pup only hires dedicated animals lovers who have prior experience with animals. You can be sure that your puppy will be treated with kindness, love and affection every day.

15 Mins

per visit

  • Quick feed/clean/play!

  • *Light schedules: add $4

30 Mins

per visit

  • More time to play!

  • *Light schedules: add $5

60 Mins

per visit

  • Mega-puppy session!

  • *Light schedules: add $7
If you have sporadic/occasional puppy sittings requirements or require 3 visits or less per week, please add the indicated surcharge per visit. Please note that in certain cases, we are only able to schedule occasional or sporadic puppy visits outside of our peak hours of 10am – 4pm.
We take some Federal holidays as a holiday by default, but if you would like to schedule puppy sitting visits on these days then we have a surcharge of $5 ($10 on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). The following Federal holidays apply: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.
For weekend puppy sitting visits and/or visits past 6pm, add $5. Please note that while we strive to send the same sitter for your puppy each time, we cannot guarantee the same sitter outside of your puppy’s usual visit schedule. Also note that this surcharge is only applied once to a visit, i.e. if you have an evening puppy visit on a weekend then the total surcharge is still $5!
Heavy Schedule Discount

If you sign up for an ongoing schedule of 10 or more puppy sitting visits per week, then you qualify for our heavy schedule discount of 15%! If you make the occasional cancellation and fall below 10 visits you’ll still get the discount, although in cases of frequent ongoing weekly cancellations we may have to review your rate plan until such time as your schedule becomes regular again.

“King Pup has been with our little guy Cooper since we first brought him home. They have always been professional, accomodating, loving and timely.”Diana Chaffee, NYC

What does a puppy visit entail?
Depending on the length of puppy visit you have booked, at the bare minimum we will make sure that your puppy is fed, watered and clean. Sometimes puppies have accidents either inside or outside of the crate and cleaning it up is all part of the service! Any remaining time on the visit is spent playing with your puppy and giving them all the affection they want. Whether it’s a game of tug with their favorite toy, chasing a squeaky ball around the room or just a good old fashioned belly rub, we’ll make sure they get as much attention as possible during the visit!

What if my puppy is sick or has made a mess?
If your puppy seems unwell in any way then we will contact you immediately. In most cases, an upset stomach or diarrhea is nothing to worry about (unless it’s an ongoing condition), but it’s always a good idea to keep communication channels open if a puppy’s condition needs monitoring. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, we will always clean any mess that your puppy has made – we just ask that you leave out any cleaning materials that we would potentially need (paper towels, spray, puppy wipes etc).

Should I crate my puppy?
Opinions differ on whether or not puppies should be crated but for the most part, we think that crating small puppies is a good idea. Crate training isn’t just beneficial in teaching your puppy to control their toilet functions – it also gives them a sense of security when they’re alone in the apartment. Small puppies can sometimes find large spaces overwhelming when they’re alone and so many people adjust the space in their crate so that there’s just enough room for them to stretch out and turn around. It’s also a good idea to put some kind of sheet or blanket over the crate to make them feel cozy and secure. They also appreciate a couple of their favorite chew toys in there! Many people also like to leave a radio or the TV on to distract their puppy from noises in the hallway – a common source of stress for puppies left alone.

Unless you have a front desk which can give your sitter access to your apartment on a daily basis, we will need to hold onto a key. But don’t worry, we never label keys with addresses and they’re kept safe and secure by the sitter. If you’re worried about the security implications of having someone hold onto your key, then you can always give us just one of your apartment keys and only use that lock during the day. You are then free to keep both locks locked when you’re at home, safe in the knowledge that nobody but you has both keys.
When you sign up as a client in our online client portal, you will be asked to include all of your relevant details (main vet, secondary vet etc). If for any reason we feel that your puppy is sick to the point of needing professional medical attention, we will of course inform you immediately and take them to the vet.
We take all requests to administer medicine on a case by case basis. Usually if it’s just a case of giving your dog a pill or adding medicine to their food it’s very straightforward, however if your puppy requires an injection then we will have to talk with you first to establish the best way of doing this without causing too much distress to your puppy.
Our pet sitting management system allows the sitter to check in and out of jobs via GPS on their phones, and you will receive a GPS-stamped notification telling you when the sitter arrived and left. We can also upload a photo of your puppy on the visit!
Unless your request is very last minute, we can of course schedule a meet and greet with your puppy sitter beforehand. This is a great opportunity for you to asseses the sitter assigned to your puppy, as well as a good time to introduce them to your dog, discuss their care routine and show us where everything is.
Absolutely! In your online client account you will find a conversation feed which allows you to leave notes for your sitter, as well as read notes and updates left for you by the sitter. Upon request they can also upload a daily photo of your puppy!
Usually your vet will tell you that your puppy cannot be walked outside until they’ve finished the full course of shots. However, some owners like to take their puppy outside before then so that they can get used to the outside world as soon as possible. This is usually OK as long as you make sure your puppy doesn’t make contact with other dogs or sniff around areas that other dogs have used as a bathroom. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly wipe your puppy’s paws when returning home in case they lick them. Alternatively, some owners prefer just to carry their puppy around outside without putting them down. We can do whatever you want, just let us know!