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NYC Pet Sitters with heart!

It’s more than just opening a can! Leaving your pets alone for extended periods of time isn’t just stressful for you, it’s potentially stressful for them too. But it doesn’t have to be. Our insured and bonded NYC pet sitters are fully trained and experienced in all kinds of pet care and are not just there to feed and clean up after your pets, but also to keep them topped up with love and affection while you’re away on business or vacation. Whether you just need someone to stop by and attend to their daily needs, or you want someone to stay overnight, we’re delighted to be their caretaker and friend until you come home from your trip.

A golden heart


Book and pay for your pet sitting visits through our online portal. You’ll be able to see your scheduled visits in your account calendar and be sure that we’re both on the same page with dates and times.


Our sitters check-in to visits using GPS technology so you can be sure they came. You will receive a notification when they arrive as well as a visit report card and a photo of your happy pet!


We only hire dedicated animal lovers who have expressed a desire to work with animals. You can be sure that your pet will receive a good dose of tender loving care after they’ve been fed and watered!

Feeding Visit

per visit

  • *Multiple pets: add $5

  • *Plant care: add $5

  • Key collection: add $10

Overnight Stay

per day

  • Includes 3 visits + stayover

  • Multiple dogs: add $5/walk

  • Partial days: for price

“King Pup has been watching my cats Pooka and Chloe for over a decade now. I travel a lot for business and they always make themselves available even on short notice. They give me the peace of mind that they’ll care for my beloved kitties while I am away.”Soma Gupta, NYC

So what is a pet sitting visit?
Our feeding visits are typically around 30 minutes. They include all required feeding and cleaning (litter tray scooping is included in the price) and the administering of medication if needed (see FAQ below). If your pet is social, the rest of the time can be spent giving them the attention they crave – whether that’s playtime, petting, or a combination of both! We can also bring your mail in, turn lights on or off for security and ensure that the temperature in your apartment is comfortable for your pet. For a small extra fee we can also water your plants!

And what about overnight stays?
While some pets do fine when left on their own overnight, others become distressed. For this reason you may require someone to stay overnight with them. This is especially true for dogs who need late evening walks and who may bark or whine if alone in the small hours. We can stop by and do their daily walks and feedings, then sleep over with them at night to keep them company! And like regular pet sitting visits, we can also attend to some of your other daily requirements like your mailbox and your plants.

In-home pet care versus boarding
Your pets are always going to find it a little stressful to be away from you for extended periods of time. However, while some people might prefer to take their pets to a specialized boarding facility or someone else’s home for the duration of their trip, we believe that the stress that your pet feels during your absence has the potential to feel more acute if they’re taken into unfamiliar surroundings.

In contrast, if your pet is allowed to stay at home in their familiar surroundings and adhere to their regular daily routine as far as possible during your absence, then the whole experience is a lot less painful and traumatic for them. We’re not going to claim that they won’t notice you’re gone, but having someone to stop by their home or even stay overnight with them can be a lot of fun – especially for social pets who crave human attention! As a bonus, you have the security of knowing that there is someone looking after your home while you’re away.

Unless your building has a front desk which can give us access for each scheduled visit, we will need to have a set of keys. You can either drop them off at our office or we can collect them for you (there is a $10 fee for key collection). If you plan to use our services on a regular basis, we can of course keep your key on file – these are stored in a secure lock box and are never labeled with your address.

If you are worried about the security implications of having someone hold onto your keys, you may feel more comfortable just giving us one of your apartment door keys and leaving your 2nd lock open while you’re away (if you have two locks).

When signing up for our online client portal, you will be asked to give all of your emergency contact details as well as information about your regular vet and any emergency vets you may use. Your sitter will of course take your pet to the vet should they become sick or injured while you are away.
We have to take medication requests on a case by case basis, but under usual circumstances we have no problem administering medication to your pet. If it’s a case of simply adding medicine to your pet’s food then of course it’s quite simple, but please be aware that if you require more serious medication such as an injection, or the administering of the medication directly into your pet’s mouth, this is only possible if your pet is social and has no problem with being handled. If you think your pet will refuse to be handled or become aggressive, it may be a good idea to ask your vet for alternative medication for the duration that you’re away.
We have a fully featured online client portal which gives you access to such features as GPS-stamped notifications when the sitter arrives, as well as a messaging system wherein you can exchange notes with the sitter and see an uploaded photo of your pet on the visit. We want you to be 100% comfortable that visits are happening as scheduled and that your pets are fed and happy!
Unless your visits are a very last minute request, we can schedule a meet & greet with the sitter for a small fee of $10. Most clients like to use this opportunity not only to see if the sitter meets with their approval but also to show them around the apartment and explain their pet’s feeding and cleaning routine. It’s also a good opportunity for your pet to become acquainted with the sitter so that they won’t be afraid when they arrive on their own.

If you have to give us a key for apartment access, we can also incorporate this into a meet & greet.

If you’re booking someone to stay overnight in your apartment with your pets, then from your pet’s perspective it will be much the same as if you are home. In other words, the sitter may come and go in the evening as you would, but they will be settled for the night at a reasonable time to stay the whole night with them. In addition, they will stop by during the daytime for their regular scheduled walks (if dogs).

If you need to guarantee that someone will be home with them for the entire duration of the evening without coming or going, then please get in touch and we can discuss a price for that.

If you have a dog, in addition to the three full walks included in the daily price, we also include a “toilet trip” to the curb and back before bedtime at no additional cost.

Not if you have a comfortable sofa! In actual fact, most overnight sitters prefer to sleep on the sofa instead of sleeping in someone else’s bed. Just make sure that they have blankets, a pillow (or cushions) and that the apartment is kept at a reasonable temperature.
This is totally up to you. While it is very much appreciated (and convenient) if your sitter is able to use your shower in the morning, if you have an objection to this then please let us know.

If they do use your shower however, you can be sure that they will bring their own soap and towel!