NYC Dog Resources

Whether you’re a time served owner who’s moving to NYC with your dog for the first time, or whether you’re a NYC resident owning your first dog, we’d love to share some insight into the ins and outs of NYC dog ownership.


Moving To NYC With Your Dog

Moving to New York City is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. It can also be an intimidating prospect, especially if you’re worried about how your dog will cope with the move.

We’d like to reassure you that your dog will do just fine in New York. It’s a fantastic place for dogs to live and they have a wonderful time here! The city is full of interesting sights, smells and social opportunities for your dog and most adjust to the change in pace in no time at all. If you’d like to talk with us about moving with your dog to New York City, please feel free to give us a call. We’d love to be of assistance. Of course, if you’re looking for New York City dog walking we would be delighted to take your dog on board and help them find their NYC legs.

We’ve helped out with many new NYC dog arrivals and it’s a pleasure to see them adapt! A few weeks and you’ll wonder why you ever worried about bringing your dog to New York City.


It’s the law!

The city of New York encourages responsible dog ownership. To this end, they enforce the following laws.

dog license

The City Health Code requires that you have license tags attached to your dog’s collar at all times. They are valid for one year and must be renewed annually. It’s also advisable to get your dog chipped in case they ever go missing.

leash length

Dogs walked in public must be kept on a leash of no longer than 6ft. And in a city as busy and crowded as New York, this makes perfect sense! We don’t recommend the use of retractable leashes for this reason.


All dogs over 4 months old must have a rabies vaccination, renewable every 3 years. Consult your vet about getting your dog immunized as soon as possible if you haven’t already!

no tethering

In NYC it is illegal to tie up or tether your dog for longer than 3 hours. And we would recommend NEVER tying up your dog in a public place, even if it’s just to nip into the store for a quick purchase. Dogs have been stolen!

pick it up!

You MUST pick up after your dog in NYC – failure to do so can result in a fine, and is also anti-social and unhygienic! Help keep NYC’s sidewalks poop-free and carry suitable bags at all times. We recommend biodegradable ones!

Bite Reponsibility

New York law states that you are responsible for the medical expenses of anyone bitten or injured by your dog. If your dog has aggressive tendencies then this is something which should be addressed by a qualified trainer.

NYC Dog Parks and Dog Runs

Dog runs are a great place to let your dog off the leash and allow them to run and play with other dogs. Find out where they are!

  • Carl Schurz Park Dog Run – East End Avenue to East River from Gracie Square (East 84th Street) to 89th Street
  • Chelsea Waterside Park Dog Run – 11th Ave and 22nd Street
  • Coleman Oval Park Dog Run – Pike and Monroe streets
  • Corlears Hook Park Dog Run – Cherry Street and Jackson Street
  • De Witt Clinton Park Dog Run – West 52nd Street & West 54th Street, between 10th & 11th avenues
  • East River Esplanade at 63rd Street Dog Run – East River at 63rd Street
  • Fish Bridge Park Dog Run – Dover Street, between Pearl & Water Street
  • Fort Tryon Park Dog Run – Margaret Corbin Drive
  • Ft. Washington Park Dog Run – 165th Street & Riverside Drive
  • Highbridge Park Dog Run – Amsterdam and Fort George avenues
  • Hudson River Park Dog Run (Greenwich Village) – Leroy Street at the northeast corner of Pier 40
  • Hudson River Park Dog Run (North Chelsea) – Pier 84 at West 44th Street
  • Inwood Hill Park Dog Run: Homer’s Run – Seaman Avenue & Isham Street
  • J. Hood Wright Park Dog Run – Fort Washington & Haven Avenues, West 173rd Street
  • Madison Square Park Dog Run – Madison Avenue to 5th Avenue between East 23rd Street & East 26th Street
  • Marcus Garvey Park Dog Run – Madison Avenue and East 120th Street
  • Morningside Park Dog Run – Morningside Avenue between 114th and 119th streets
  • Peter Detmold Park Dog Run – West of FDR Drive, between East 49th & East 51st streets
  • Randalls Island Park Off-Leash Area – East River and Harlem River
  • Riverside Park Dog Run (3 runs) – Riverside Drive at West 72nd, West 87th, West 105th
  • Robert Moses Park Dog Run – 41st & 42nd streets at 1st Avenue
  • St. Nicholas Park Dog Run – St Nicholas Avenue to St. Nicholas Terrace, West 128th to West 141 streets
  • Theodore Roosevelt Park Dog Run – Central Park West at West 81st Street
  • Thomas Jefferson Park Dog Run – East 112th Street and FDR Drive
  • Tompkins Square Park Dog Run – Avenue A to Avenue B, from East 7th to East 10th streets
  • Union Square Dog Run – 15th Street & Union Square West
  • Adam Yauch Park Dog Run – Columbia Place & State Street
  • Asser Levy Park Off-Leash Area – Surf Avenue, Sea Breeze Avenue, West 5th Street, Ocean Parkway
  • Breukelen Park Off-Leash Area – Louisiana Ave., Stanley Ave., Flatlands Ave., Williams Ave
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run – Pier 6
  • Brooklyn War Memorial Off-Leash Area – Cadman Plaza Park, Cadman Plaza West & East & Prospect Street
  • Brower Park – St. Mark’s Ave., Park Pl. bet. Brooklyn Ave. and Kingston Ave
  • Canarsie Park Off-Leash Area – Seaview Ave. bet. Paerdegat Basin and E. 93 St., E. 102 St. and Fresh Creek Basin
  • Coffey Park Off-Leash Area – King Street, Richards Street, and Verona Street at Dwight and Pioneer Streets
  • Cooper Park – At the intersection of Morgan Avenue and Sharon Street
  • Cooper Park Dog Run – Olive Street and Maspeth Avenue
  • DiMattina Park Dog Run – Hicks & Woodhull streets
  • Dyker Beach Park Dog Run – 7th Avenue and 86th Street
  • Dyker Beach Park Off-Leash Area – Cropsey Avenue, Bay 8th Street, and Poly Place
  • Fort Greene Park Off-Leash Area – DeKalb Avenue & Washington Park
  • Friends Field Park Off-Leash Area – East 4th Street, Avenue L, and McDonald Avenue
  • Fulton Park Off-Leash Area – Chauncey St. bet. Lewis Ave. and Stuyvesant Ave.
  • Grand Ferry Park Off-Leash Area – Grand St. at River St
  • Herbert Von King Park Dog Run – Marcy Avenue & Lafayette Avenue
  • Herbert Von King Park Off-Leash Area – Marcy Avenue & Lafayette Avenue
  • Hillside Park Dog Run – Columbia Heights & Middagh Street
  • J.J. Byrne Memorial Park Dog Run – 3rd to 4th streets, 4th to 5th avenues
  • John Paul Jones Park Off-Leash Area – 4th Avenue and 101st Street
  • Kaiser Park Off-Leash Area – Neptune Avenue between West 24th Street & Bayview Avenue, Coney Island Creek
  • Leif Ericson Park Off-Leash Area – 67th Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue
  • Lincoln Terrace Park Off-Leash Area – Eastern Parkway between Buffalo and Rochester avenues
  • Macri Square Park Off-Leash Area – Union Turnpike and Metropolitan Avenue
  • Manhattan Beach Dog Run – East of Ocean Avenue, North Shore Rockaway inlet
  • Marine Park Off-Leash Area – Shore Pkwy., Avenue U, Filmore Ave. bet. Brigham St., Gerritsen Ave., and Flatbush Ave
  • McCarren Park Dog Run – North 12th Street, Driggs Avenue and Union Avenue
  • McGolrick Park Dog Run – North Henry Street and Driggs Avenue
  • McKinley Park Off-Leash Area – Fort Hamilton Parkway, 7th Avenue, 73rd Street to 75th Street
  • Mount Prospect Park Off-Leash Area – Eastern Parkway between Washington and Underhill avenues
  • Owls Head Park Dog Run – 68th Street and Shore Road
  • Prospect Park Off-Leash Area – Middle & Upper Long Meadow (excludes ballfield area in the Lower Long Meadow), Nethermead, Peninsula
  • Shore Road Park Off-Leash Area – Shore Road, 4th Avenue to 69th Street
  • Sunset Park Off-Leash Area – Sunset Park Oval lawn area only, center of park 44th Street, 41st Street, 6th Avenue
  • Alley Pond Park Off-Leash Area – Grand Central Parkway/Winchester Boulevard/Kingsbury Avenue
  • Astoria Park Off-Leash Area – 19 St. bet. Astoria Park S. and Ditmars Blvd
  • Baisley Pond Park Off-Leash Area – Between119th and 123rd avenues
  • Baisley Pond Park Off-Leash Area – Lakeview Lane between Foch Boulevard and Lakeview Lane East
  • Bayswater Park Off-Leash Area – Dwight Ave., Seagirt Blvd. bet. Beach 38 St. and Bay 32 St.
  • Crocheron Park Off-Leash Area – 214 Pl., 214 La., 215 Pl, Cross Island Pkwy. bet. 33 Ave. and 35 Ave
  • Cunningham Park Dog Run – 193rd Street between Aberdeen Road & Radnor Road
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park Off-Leash Area – Grand Central Pkwy., Whitestone Exwy. bet. 111 St. and College Point Blvd., Park Drive E
  • Forest Park Dog Run – Park Lane South & 85th Street
  • Forest Park Off-Leash Area – 85 Street and 84 Street and Park Lane South
  • Hunter’s Point South Park Dog Run – Center Blvd. bet. 50 Ave. and 54 Ave
  • Juniper Valley Park Off-Leash Area – Juniper Blvd. bet. Lutheran Ave., 71 St. and Dry Harbor Rd
  • La Guardia Landing Lights Off-Leash Area – Grand Central Parkway, 81 Street & 82 Street & Astoria Boulevard, 23 Avenue 84, 24 thru 30 Avenues, 77 Street through 81 Street
  • Little Bay Park Dog Run – North side of the Cross Island Parkway & Utopia Parkway
  • MacNeil Park Off-Leash Area – Poppenhusen Ave. bet. 115 St. and College Pl
  • Queensbridge Park Off-Leash Area – Queensboro Bridge, 41 Rd., 40 Ave. bet. The East River, Vernon Blvd., and 21 St
  • Rainey Park Off-Leash Area – Vernon Blvd. bet. 33 Rd. and 34 Ave
  • Ralph DeMarco Park Off-Leash Area – Shore Blvd. bet. Ditmars Blvd. and 20 Ave
  • Rockaway Community Park Off-Leash Area – Almeda Avenue between Beach 51st Street and Beach 54th Street
  • Rockaway Freeway Dog Park – Rockaway Freeway and Beach 84th Street
  • Sherry Park Dog Run – Queens Boulevard, 65 Place, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
  • Springfield Park Off-Leash Area – 149 Av, Springfield Bl, 145 Rd, 184 St
  • Torsney/Lou Lodati Playground Dog Run – 43rd Street & Skillman Avenue
  • Underbridge Playground Dog Run – 64th Avenue/64th Road on Grand Central Parkway service road
  • Veteran’s Grove Dog Run – Judge Street & Whitney Avenue (south side of Park)
  • Windmuller Park Dog Run (Doughboy Plaza) – Woodside Avenue, 54-56 streets
  • Yellowstone Park Off-Leash Area – Sitting area located at 68 Road and Yellowstone Boulevard
  • Bronx Park Off-Leash Area – Unionport & Sagamore on Bronx Park East to 233rd Street
  • Claremont Park Off-Leash Area – Clay Ave., Anthony Ave. bet. Mount Eden Pkwy. and E. 170 St
  • Crotona Park Off-Leash Area – Crotona Park North to South, Fulton Av to Southern Blvd and Crotona Park East
  • Devoe Park Off-Leash Area – 192nd & Jerome Avenue
  • Ewen Park Dog Run – Riverdale to Johnson avenues, south of West 232nd Street
  • Frank S. Hackett Park Dog Run – Riverdale Avenue at Henry Hudson Parkway
  • Franz Sigel Park Dog Run – Center of the park, just north of the ballfields which would line up with around 155th Street
  • Henry Hudson Park Off-Leash Area – Kappock Street and Independence Avenue
  • Joseph Rodham Drake Park Off-Leash Area – Oak Pt. Ave. bet. Hunts Pt. Ave. and Longfellow Ave
  • Mullaly Park Off-Leash Area – Jerome Av to River Av bet. E 164 St and McClellan St at Cromwell Ave
  • Pelham Bay Park Off-Leash Area – Middletown Road & Stadium Avenue, northwest of parking lot.
  • Richman (Echo) Park Off-Leash Area – Valentine Av bet. E Tremont Av and E Burnside Ave
  • Riverdale Park Off-Leash Area – Palisade Avenue from West 232 Street to West 254 Street
  • Seton Park Dog Run – West 232nd Street & Independence Avenue
  • Siren Slope Park Off-Leash Area – Bailey Avenue and West 230 Street
  • Spuyten Duyvil Park Off-Leash Area – Palisade Avenue and Independence Avenue
  • St. James Park Off-Leash Area – 92nd & Jerome Avenue
  • Tremont Park Off-Leash Area – E 175 St to E Tremont Av bet. 3 Av and Arthur Ave
  • University Woods Park Off-Leash Area – Cedar Ave., Sedgwick Ave. bet. Hall of Fame Ter. and W. 180 St.
  • Van Cortlandt Park Dog Run – Broadway and 252 Street
  • Wallenberg Forest Park Off-Leash Area – Palisade Avenue, Douglas Avenue, West 235 Street
  • Williamsbridge Oval Dog Run – 3225 Reservoir Oval East
  • Allison Park Off-Leash Area – Field at the end of the trail bordered by Prospect Avenue, Sailors Snug Harbor Cemetery, and the pond
  • Amundsen Trail Off-Leash Area – Between Amboy Road and Hylan Boulevard
  • Arthur Von Briesen Park Off-Leash Area – Lawn area, mid-park right side
  • Bloomingdale Park Dog Run – Maguire Avenue behind athletic fields closer to Romona Avenue
  • Clove Lakes Park Off-Leash Area – Open field above picnic area near Royal Oak Rd. & Rice Ave
  • Clove Lakes Park Off-Leash Area – Brookside Avenue between Alpine Court & Kingsley Avenue (lawn area)
  • Clove’s Tail Park Off-Leash Area – Lawn area, corner of Victory Boulevard & Little Clove Road
  • Conference House Park Off-Leash Area – South of Visitors Center on Satterlee Street between Claremont Avenue & Billopp Street
  • Cozzens Woods Park Off-Leash Area – Page Avenue between Hylan Boulevard & Amboy Road
  • Crescent Beach Park Off-Leash Area – Tennyson Drive & Glover Avenue. Located at meadow area leading to beach
  • Evergreen Park Off-Leash Area – Greaves Avenue & Evergreen Street
  • Father Macris Park Off-Leash Area – Lawn area beyond ballfield
  • Lemon Creek Park Off-Leash Area – Bottom of Seguine Avenue at Johnston Terrace; just below playground
  • Ocean Breeze Park Off-Leash Area – Quintard St. and Mason Ave, Seaside Blvd., (Father Capodanno Blvd.)
  • Silver Lake Park Dog Run – Victory Boulevard below the pavilion, across from the Parkview Apartments
  • South Beach Park Off-Leash Area – South Beach
  • Willowbrook Park Off-Leash Area – Archery Range Field
  • Wolfe’s Pond Park Dog Run – Run is to left of Cornelia Avenue
Dog Runs vs Off Leash Areas

There are two types of location at which you can let your dog off leash in public in NYC:

“Dog runs” are fenced off areas designated especially for dogs and typically have a double-gated entrance to stop dogs from running out when people come and go. They are definitely the safest place to give your dog off leash time, although they do rely on the responsibility of owners to make sure that play fights don’t get out of hand. Unfixed dogs can cause tension and conflict and should not be taken inside the run. Toys are also prohibited, although you will see that many owners ignore this rule!

“Off leash areas” are situated in parks and are places at which you can let your dog run free during designated times. Unlike dog runs however, they are not fenced off and so you should avoid letting your dog of the leash here unless you are confident that they won’t run off. Again, responsible ownership is expected and enforced socially.

It’s a good idea to thoroughly check whether an area permits off leash dogs because there are parts of New York in which dogs are forbidden to even walk on the grass, and you might well experience the wrath of a Parks Department officer and even a hefty fine!