Dog Walking

Is More Than Just Clipping On A Leash!

We take dog walking very seriously.

King Pup is a safe, professional, insured and bonded New York dog walking service with many years of experience. All of our dog walkers are fully trained dog lovers with prior experience owning or working with animals. We don’t walk dogs in packs, we don’t wear headphones while walking and we operate with the highest standards of care and safety because we know just how much your little guys mean to you! Our goal is to make sure that New York dogs get the exercise and attention that they need, and that New York dog owners feel confident that their pets are in good hands on a daily basis.

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Set up a recurring weekly schedule or book walks when you need them through our online portal. And with our GPS check-in/check-out feature, you’ll know exactly when your walker was there and how long they were out for.


For solid dog walking safety, we securely attach dogs to ourselves with mountaineering carabiners. It’s not hands-free dog walking and the leash is still firmly held, but you know that your dog won’t break free from their walker.


Your dog depends on a daily routine to feel secure, which is why we guarantee to arrive in the time window you’ve selected, and we don’t switch walkers from day to day. We want your dog to form a bond with their walker!

How do I get a dog walker?

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Contact Us

Let’s chat! We can assess our availability at your location and talk about your dog’s requirements in more detail.

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Meet & Greet

This part is optional, but most people like to meet the walker in their home and introduce them to their dog.

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We’re All Set!

Once we have all of your dog’s info in our database and have arranged access, we can start the walks!

“Fabulous organized group of animal lovers – recommend it to anyone looking for a professional dog walking company with a heart!”Melissa Shertz, NYC

15 Mins

per walk

  • *Multiple dogs/private: add $3

  • *Light schedules: add $3

30 Mins

per walk

  • *Multiple dogs/private: add $4

  • *Light schedules: add $4

60 Mins

per walk

  • *Multiple dogs/private: add $7

  • *Light schedules: add $7
While we don’t walk dogs in packs, we often walk dogs in compatible pairs. We never walk more than 2 dogs together (unless they’re from the same household). If you have multiple dogs or would like to guarantee a private walk for your dog, please add the indicated surcharge per walk.
If you have occasional or last minute dog walking requirements, or require 3 walks or less per week, please add the indicated surcharge per walk. Please note that in certain cases, we are only able to schedule occasional or sporadic dog walks outside of our peak hours of 10am – 4pm.
We take some Federal holidays as a dog walking holiday by default, but if you would like to schedule walks on these days then we have a surcharge of $5 ($10 on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). The following Federal holidays apply: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.
For weekend walks and/or walks past 6pm, add $5. Please note that while we strive to send the same walker for your dog each time, we cannot guarantee the same walker outside of your dog’s usual walking schedule. Also note that this surcharge is only applied once to a walk, i.e. if you have an evening walk on a weekend then the total surcharge is still $5!
Heavy Schedule Discount

If you sign up for an ongoing schedule of 10 or more dog walks per week, then you qualify for our heavy schedule discount of 15%! If you make the occasional cancellation and fall below 10 walks you’ll still get the discount, although in cases of frequent ongoing weekly cancellations we may have to review your rate plan until such time as your schedule becomes regular again.

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NYC Dog Walking Safety

We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your dog is in safe hands when they’re out with their King Pup walker. We see a lot of dog walkers out there taking a frighteningly relaxed attitude to safety and it’s not good! There are a number of perils on the streets of a big city. For this reason, King Pup has the following safety rules and procedures for your dog’s well being:

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    No Pack Walks

    Pack walking is becoming a thing of the past and for good reason. King Pup walks no more than 2 dogs together, or privately if requested.

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    We Use Carabiner Clips

    Your dog will always be clipped securely to the walker as a safety backup should something happen that’s out of their control.

  • Connector.Connector.

    No Light Poles!

    Some light poles in NYC are poorly maintained and have loose wires or open access hatches. There is a risk of shock, so we train our walkers to avoid them!

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    Scanning Sidewalks

    New York streets and sidewalks can be a minefield of broken glass, chicken bones and other hazards. We train our walkers to scan the sidewalk constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

As far as we possibly can we will pair a single walker with your dog, and you have the option of meeting this walker beforehand. However there may be times in which a stand-in will be necessary due to sickness or vacation, but we will never give the keys to your apartment to anyone else without your full approval.

In addition, there may come a time when your walker moves on or we have to make a change due to the logistical realities of scheduling – however, in these cases you will be informed in advance and will be given the option to meet and approve the new walker.

If you create an account in our online portal, we will send you a “report card” after every walk which will give you GPS-stamped start and end times for your dog’s walk. It will also tell you if your dog went to the bathroom and if any problems or issues occurred during the walk. You also have a conversation thread with your walker on which you can exchange messages.
Walking dogs in pairs is a great way for your dog to enjoy a social element to their daily walks without the chaos and reduced attention of a large pack walk. In addition, it allows us to offer a lower price per walk than many other dog walking services which offer individual walks only.

However, if you know your dog will never get along with another pooch, we do offer individual walks as well for a small surcharge.

Absolutely and this is something we encourage! We’d like you to feel 100% comfortable with the person who has access to your home and your dog.

In addition, it’s also important for your dog to feel comfortable with whomever will be coming into your home when you’re not there! A meet and greet is an ideal opportunity for both you and your dog to acquaint themselves with your new walker, as well as to discuss any quirks or issues your dog may have that we should know about.

We consider all dogs and walking schedules on a case by case basis, and if we can accommodate last minute or sporadic walking schedules at your ideal time then we certainly will oblige. However there may be times when we can only offer sporadic or last minute walks outside of our peak walking hours, which are between 11am and 3pm.
Unless you have a front desk in your building which is willing to hold a key for you and grant us access from day to day, we will have to keep a copy of your key. But don’t worry – walkers keep their keys secure and they will never be labeled with your address.

In addition, if you would like the security of emergency backup walks or walks outside of your usual walking hours (evenings/weekends etc) then we would need to keep a spare set of keys in the secure key box at King Pup HQ. We have a key tracking system so we always know at a glance who has your key should you need it back.

Absolutely! As long as it’s as simple as putting some food out for your dog after the walk, we don’t mind feeding your dog at no additional charge. We will also make sure they have water when they come home.
Yes, we offer weekend and/or evening walks subject to availability, for a small surcharge.
King Pup isn’t a dog training service – for training, you are better off working with a qualified trainer. A good trainer will teach YOU to train your own dog – never believe anyone who says they will take your dog and train them while you’re at work.

However, if you are undergoing a program of training with your dog and would like us to reinforce the commands your dog is learning during their daily walks, we can certainly do that – just let us know!

As we are a legally operating business in New York City, we do have to charge sales tax.
Yes, all King Pup employees are legally hired and given a full background check. We don’t use independent contractors or hire people “off the radar.” Also, unlike certain Uber-style dog walking businesses which have thousands of walkers registered on their app, we don’t hire based on an online multiple-choice questionnaire! We get to know all of our walkers personally and spend a trial week with them out on the job to train them to our high standards of safety, responsibility and compassion. This is the only way you can assess a dog walker’s suitability for the job. It pains us to see dog walking turned into an online meat market by corporate businesses which are tech startups more than pet care businesses. Your pets are worth a lot more to us than that!
You can manage your invoices through our online portal and pay for your services with a credit card or e-check.

Dog walking is more than just a job. It’s a commitment to the well being of animals who are family members more than pets.