NYC dog walker Kimberly
April 30, 2017

How We Hire Our NYC Dog Walkers

Hiring good staff is the hardest part of running any business. A bad employee can not only cost you a small fortune and ruin your reputation – they can also be a source of endless stress. And when you’re running a pet care...

NYC dog walker Martin
April 6, 2017


There are thousands of NYC dog walkers and pet sitters to choose from. And since you are hiring someone to come into your home unsupervised to take care of a precious pet, it’s important to pick someone who has good dog walking...

Dog walking harness
July 26, 2016

The Brilliant K9 Harness

After over 14 years as an NYC dog walker, I’ve seen many different types of harness. Some are simple and lightweight but feel flimsy and are easy to wriggle out of if not fitted perfectly, others are strong and secure but overly...

NYC dog walking client, Wilson
June 9, 2016

Featured NYC Dog – Wilson

This is one of King Pup’s favorite dogs! Wilson has been with King Pup since he was a small puppy and he’s just gotten cuter with every passing week! He’s usually fast asleep after his afternoon play group when we...