About King Pup

King Pup has been owned and managed by James Phillips since 2004 and has provided a loving, caring and professional service for New York City’s animals ever since. We have three goals – first, to ensure the safety and happiness of all of the animals we work with; second, to provide a reliable and dependable service for busy New Yorkers at an affordable price; and third, to provide steady employment for caring, responsible people who are dedicated to working with animals. Unlike the large multi-million dollar corporate “app” dog walking companies – which are owned and run by financial investors & software engineers – King Pup is a local grassroots business which prioritizes the welfare of the animals we serve. We don’t “recruit” walkers through an app, we hand pick and train all of our employees to a set of pet care standards which have been arrived at through years of working professionally with animals.


Our Employees

All of our walkers and sitters are official King Pup employees – we don’t use independent contractors. Nor do we operate a revolving door of casual labor – all of our walkers and sitters are hired on the understanding that they will stay with us for at least a year. We want our walkers to form a close bond with the dogs they walk every day, and we know that clients appreciate hanging onto the same walker for as long as possible!

Employees are subject to a criminal background check and have references checked before starting on the job. They are then put through program of supervised training to make sure that they are fully aware of King Pup’s safety procedures and overall standard of pet care.


Our Clients

Over the years we have provided to a diverse selection of New Yorkers including CEO’s, entrepreneurs, designers, baristas, doctors, construction workers, musicians, actors, city employees and even celebrities! We are happy to work with anyone who has pets – whether they be dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, chinchillas, birds or anything else which needs the care of animal loving professionals.


Some Of Our Online Feedback

This company is wonderful. Very dependable. I was visiting NYC with my dogs and broke my kneecap. Out of the 6 other companies I called, James is the only one who answered his phone on a Sunday morning. He was great, fitting us in his busy schedule for the next 3 days. I really appreciate the help because I was unable to walk and take care of my dogs. My 2 Russian wolfhounds really liked him. Dendora S, Atlanta, GA
Our dog Lyra loves his King Pup walker Kimberly. We have had nothing but great service with them since we switched from another dog walking company. James is great to work with and everything is very smooth and painless. It’s clear how much they care about the dogs and it makes it very easy for us to trust Lyra with them. I would highly recommend their service.Matt McCANN, New York
James has done a fantastic job with King Pup, he’s very communicative and so fond of dogs which is totally reassuring. Our walker, Martin, has been with us for several years now and he’s so wonderful and patient with our dog. We have been so happy with King Pup and are so sad to lose this amazing service as we prepare to move cross-country, it will be hard to find another set of walkers to fill these very big shoes!Alexandra BOWERS, New York
My dog Enzo absolutely loved Kimberly as his walker – and for two years, she really provided us with great service. The owner, James, too. Only wish we could have taken them with us when we moved! Dara Moss, New York
Working with James and his team has been an absolute joy! He and his dog walkers are extremely reliable and my dog, Bull Murray, loves them. I highly recommend James and his team to anyone looking for a dog walker in Manhattan.Amanda Semmel, New York
King Pup has been a great partner in the raising of my great dane in a big city! Lots of thanks to James and David who have been so helpful in her youth. I’m so sad to be leaving but sadly they don’t do walks in Canada! Christine Apold, Canada