"Thank you for being so reliable and honest with us as Quinci's walker. Moving to New York was not exactly the least stressful time of my life and knowing that my baby was in fine hands went a long ways toward making things easier....."

Bryn E.

"I'm honored to write a testimonial for King Pup! My husband, myself and our wayward Boston Terrier have nothing but praise for the faultless service we've received from them. If there was a Zagat Survey for dog walking services then we would be happy to award them full points!"

Cassandra K.

"Despite the fact that I am in the communications profession, the following letter is very hard to write. Simply, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your steadfast and trustworthy service as my dog walker. For the past year, I have known without a doubt that Tallulah was in excellent hands, rain or shine. Your dedication to Tallulah is much appreciated, as was your flexibility and honesty. You have been nothing short of outstanding, and I speak for both of us when I say you will be truly missed. Even though I know our move to New Jersey is for the better, I doubt that I will ever find such a wonderful companion for my dog."

Rebecca D.

"I have been very very happy indeed with King Pup after 3 months of walks...I am very pleased and impressed with the walker and her knowledge and affection for our dog and I very much hope they will stay with us for a long time. Five stars of five."

Raima C.

"So it's finally happening, we're moving to London! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful reliability, and to let you know that we'll require walks, up to and including the 31st of this month. I know that Elvie is going to be very sad to lose her walker and, we're praying that we find another dog walking service as good as yours in London. Can we arrange to take a photo of you and her before we leave?"

Ariel S.

"James has looked after our cats every time we've been away in the last 3 years and each and every time we've come home to happy, healthy kitties and a clean litter box...we could not be happier and I would not hesitate to recommend King Pup."

Rachele G.

"Leo and I just wanted you to know that we really appreciate your work and everything you've done over the past 8 months and that Doc will really miss you guys when we leave -- we're just sorry you're not coming to Connecticut with us!! Thanks once again and if you ever want to use us as a reference then please feel free to do so."

Maria N.

"I have been a dog owner for over forty years and have always been impressed in my dealings with the King Pup dog walker service. James has always given me the impression that it's about the dogs more than it's about the money and in a city like New York, that stands out."

Peter M.

"Just a short note to let you know you'll see Newman on January 8th and to say 'thanks' for the past year, you've been great as usual. We don't know what we'd do without you man...have a great holiday and rest that arm!"

Lloyd A.

"I am happy to write this testimonial for James Phillips and King Pup. They have been absolutely great to me and my 'twins' and I would be horrified to lose them! They come highly recommended by me and I have always found them to be extremely honest and trustworthy."

Margaret H.

"Hi James, just got back from the airport, the guys look very happy and the apartment looks great, thanks for all of your help once again and hope you had a great Thanksgiving."

Seth B.

"James - thank you so much for your help with Ozzy - I could not have hoped for a better sidekick for him over these last couple of years. I know you give 100% to all of your dogs but I like to think that Ozzy has a special place in your heart! We're really excited about him having a yard to play in but knowing Ozzy he'd much rather keep his walks with you by the river. Oh well, life goes on! Good luck with your business in the future and thanks again."

Liz R.

"We were referred to King Pup by a neighbor and we were immediately impressed by their professionalism and the way James and the walker interacted with our dogs. We're delighted to be able to write this recommendation for them and we wish them the very best."

Richard W. & Barbara W.