NYC Pet Sitting

Whether you travel a lot for work or you take a couple of vacations every year, it's nice to know that you have an NYC pet sitter you can rely on to look after your little guys while you're not there.

We offer a full at-home pet sitting service. Being apart from their owner is stressful for any pet, so why send them to the unfamiliar surroundings of an overnight boarding establishment when they can stay in the comfort zone of their home environment?

King Pup provides every level of in-home pet care, from simple feeding/walking visits to overnight stays. We'll do our best to make sure your trip is as stress free as possible for them. Unlimited belly-rubs, ear-scritches and cuddles are included in the price!

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Our New York City Pet Sitting Rates

Visits Per Week 10 Or More 5 Or More 4 3 Or Less
Feeding Visits $13 $15 $17 $20
Overnight Stay $40 (price does not include dog walks, which are priced at our normal rate)

All prices are subject to the usual New York sales tax of 8.875%.

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Feeding/Walking Visits

These are suitable for pets who are fine to be left alone overnight. Cats are almost always fine with simple feeding visits, although how many visits per day they need very much depends on the cat. Most do well with one visit, but if your cat is used to eating twice per day then we can stop by twice (or more if you'd really like to treat them!).

Dogs are more likely to feel separation anxiety or loneliness when left alone overnight, but some dogs are perfectly OK with it. If your dog is OK on their own overnight, then you might consider booking walks at our usual NYC dog walking rates. Feeding is included in the price of the walk.

Overnight Stays

Many dogs feel acute separation anxiety when their owners are away overnight. This can lead to barking, whining or even destructive behavior. The resultant stress is not only bad for your dog, it's bad for your neighbors too!

In such cases, we advise you to book one of our overnight pet sitters. They will cover your dog's usual feeding and walks as well as stay overnight in your apartment to keep them company and administer as much love and affection as they're used to. It's also good to know that there's someone you can trust looking after the basic day to day maintenance of your home, too!

Benefits Of In-Home NYC Pet Sitting Versus Pet Boarding

  • Minimizes the stress of separation by keeping your pet in the familiar surroundings of their home environment
  • Feeding and walking on your pet's own familiar schedule, instead of that of a boarding establishment
  • Your pet receives the full attention of the sitter, instead of being diluted between many other animals
  • No prolonged exposure to the potential bugs or parasites of other animals in a boarding establishment
  • Your in-home pet sitter also doubles as your house sitter - no worrying about leaving an empty apartment
  • Your pet receives so much more love and affection, not to mention tons of playtime!
  • Peace of mind for you, so you can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about your pet

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
New York Pet Sitting Service

"How long does a feeding visit last?"

A standard feeding visit is approximately 30 minutes.

"What's included in a feeding visit?"

Anything you want us to do within the allotted time. For a cat, this can include feeding, watering, brushing and litter tray scooping. There's always time for plenty of play and affection too! We can also water your plants, empty your mailbox and bring in your newspapers.

"What's involved for an overnight stay?"

While you're away, our pet sitter will stay in your apartment. This means they'll be with your pet(s) for most of the evening and they'll stay overnight with them. For dogs, the pet sitter will stop by during the day to walk them as usual. We adhere to their regular routine as much as possible to minimize the stress of you being away.

"Do we have to let the overnight pet sitter sleep in our bed?"

Only if you're comfortable with that. If you'd prefer they slept on the sofa, that's perfectly alright. Many sitters prefer to sleep on the sofa anyway.

"Do we have to leave food and drink for the sitter?"

Not at all, although some of our clients do. It's completely up to you. For the most part, our pet sitters bring their own food with them.

"How will we know our pets are OK while we're away?"

Feel free to call, email or text us as often as you'd like to find out how they are doing! It's perfectly natural to worry about your little guys when you're away from them, and we'd like you to feel as comfortable as possible during your trip.