NYC Animal Charities Who Really Need Your Help!

When you consider just how much you love your NYC dog, it's heartbreaking to think about just how tough life is for NYC dogs who aren't lucky enough to have the care, the affection, the warmth and security that yours has in abundance.

Dogs and other animals are abused and neglected every day in this city - which is why the tireless work of individuals and organizations in the animal rescue business remains their only hope. The only way these organizations are able to survive is through the donations and voluntary work of animal lovers like you. Please give them a thought today and think about helping any way you possibly can.

sad NYC dog in shelter

The Mayor's Alliance For NYC Animals

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC animals is a non-profit corporation which partners with other non-profit animal organizations in New York City to develop creative solutions for animal control and care. They work hard with animal care groups in the city to spay/neuter NYC dogs and cats and to find homes. The alliance has been successful so far, reducing the rate of euthanasia from 74% in 2002 all the way down to 43% in 2007. Like most non-profits, the groups of the alliance depend heavily on the help and support of the public and welcome your donations of both money and animal-related supplies and equipment.


Bideawee (pronounced "bide-a-wee") is a New York City based animal organization that is also one of America's oldest. Their mission, in short, is to match animals with people. They provide a caring and thoughtful adoption service which provides counselors to help make appropriate matches. They offer veterinary services both to the public and for the benefit of the thousands of animals they care for, learning centers for owners and they even have a program to take care of pets after their owners pass away. Bideawee hosts many animal related events and is helped by volunteers who provide over 20,000 hours of service every year. They'd love to hear from people who can donate or offer help.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

The Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, located in Williamsburg, provides a safe haven for homeless animals and pairs them up with loving owners. They're a non-profit, privately funded no-kill shelter who rely heavily on the work of dedicated volunteers. They hold adopt-a-thons and fund raising concerts. They rescue animals from a variety of places and put them up for adoption, so if you're looking to adopt you should check them out. All animals who come into their care are given a thorough medical check up and are spayed or neutered. They also have a pet store in Williamsburg, the profits of which go into their shelter. You can volunteer for them by simply stopping by and taking one of their dogs for a walk, or by offering to socialize, pet and brush their cats. Monetary donations are also very welcome and you can sponsor a dog or cat for as little as $25 a month.

Animal Haven

Animal Haven is based primarily in Flushing, Queens but also operates in SoHo, Manhattan. They are a no-kill animal shelter with an emphasis on finding permanent homes and foster homes for both NYC dogs and NYC cats. They have a mobile adoption program which involves taking a "shelter on wheels" around locations in the greater New York area, to expose the idea of animal adoption to people who wouldn't ordinarily think of visiting a shelter. Animal Haven also runs an animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center in upstate New York which provides life long care for hard to place animals and animals who are recovering from illnesses. To donate to their cause you can either become a member, sponsor an animal or purchase gift cards or T-shirts. They also have lots of voluntary opportunities, some regular employment opportunities and provide training.